First post, don’t really know what I am doing but lots of things in life are like that.


I am reading a book today that I ordered on Amazon about Telementation (The Law of Attraction).  I have decided that I really just want to do what I want with my days and I want to make changes to get there.  I love to shop thift stores. Ok, I’ve said it.  I am into Junking!  Old wool coats, blankets, sweaters really turn me on.  All I see are the possiblities of what they can be in their new life.  I started fiddling around with making my first Penny Rugs about 3 years ago through trial and error.  I spent my time doing handwork and I listend to a lot of great stuff on the internet while doing it….I feel kinda like I got a youtube university degree!  I found amazing sites with people seeking the truth about a lot of things in our reality and through it all I listened carefully and worked on my art.  I have a friend with a lovely little wool shop called “Kniterary” and she agreed to consign many of my pieces in her shop.  It was a thrill to know that people appreciated what I had made.
I am on the down side of 45 now and I am waking up to a lot of my own truths.  I want to produce work that makes me happy, I want to teach others to do it too if they have an interest.  I want to grow a vegetable garden and walk my two Shih Tzus and make nice meals for my hubby.  I’d like to learn to make soap and relish and jam and get back to a simple life.
Years ago I was asked to become a Brownie leader because they did not have enough volunteers for the group.  I was appointed the Brown Owl and told to make it up as I went along….I was horrified at the time but held my nose and did what I could to deliver a fun program for the kids.  Life has kinda been like that, I have made it up as I went along.  Now that I am becoming free of a lot of responsibilies in the home and my kids have begun to fly the nest, I want to use the laws of the Universe and trade my time for the things that bring me joy.
Make sense?


One thought on “First post, don’t really know what I am doing but lots of things in life are like that.

  1. Nice Blog! I love thrift/junk stores too! I just don't have as much time as I'd like to check them out these days. You can find wonderful treasures there. Your Penny Rugs are great.

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