Happy Birthday to Blair!


My baby, Blair, is 17 today.  I didn’t have any other candles so an old “1” candle had to do.  I don’t even have a gift for her yet, things have been quite hectic around here and I didn’t get out to get her one. 
Yesterday I spent the day waiting with my Husband and Mother in law at the hospital for my Father in law to come out of Brain surgery. He had a tumor that had metatisized from his lungs.  He made it through just fine and we hope that he will get some improvment as a result.  Yes, I was just in Florida until last Friday night, it wasn’t really a holiday, my 9 year old neice has Lukemia and I was down to help with daycare coverage.  Great the see that she is doing so well, She is supposed to be going back to school today.  Life sometimes has it’s challenges dosen’t it?


Florida Fun


Here I am in Florida with my 3 nieces.  I am down here for two weeks to spend time with my Sister in Law and her family doing a little babysitting for them when they needed the coverage.  Spent the first week at a timeshare in the Orlando area.  Lots of families with their kids and lots of Brits over here on holiday.  I have been wondering if they all made it home OK considering the delays in air travel due to the volcano in Iceland.  I would hate to be stuck in a hotel room with my kids not knowing when I will be getting home.  I leave for Toronto and home on Friday.  I have had nothing with me to get crafty with and I am suffering MAJOR WITH DRAWL from making pennies etc. Holidays are nice but for me, Home is Best!

Latest Etsy Listing, Anybody have any advice to boost sales on Etsy?


Just posted this little penny rug on Etsy.  I love the whole concept of Esty, handmade goods etc. but I have only been able to get one item sold so far.  I have a hard time getting my pictures to look good.  I watched the Etsy tutorial on taking pictures but I just can’t seem to get the lighting to highlight my items in true colour and have a good exposure.  Guess I just have to play around with it some more.  I have the Etsy page, a webpage and now this blog page….now I guess I have to spend some time putting out the picture of taking lots of packages to the post office to send my work out to the world!  

It’s Official, My Kids have Grown Up!


Wow, this is the first Easter Morning since the late 80’s where there was no Easter Egg Hunt at my house.  Feels a little sad but it kinda feels good too.  I am still young, 46, my youngest is 17 this month. I was blessed with 3 amazing girls who have become beautiful young women.  I can feel the shift in my life where I am becoming a wise woman with knowledge accumulating over the years.  Next step, Grandma, but I hope not too soon!

I guess you could say they are flying the nest?!
Happy Easter!

Frustration tranforms into Telementation!


As I said in my first post, I purchased a book on Telementation recently (The Law of Attraction)  The author of this book, Jeffery Grupp, has finally written a book on this subject that gives one the clear understanding of exactly how to carry out the process of attacting into your life what you want.  I have discoverd that the first step in this process is having a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of what you want.  Whoa, that is a tall order….especially when most of us are just keeping on keeping on everday and going through the motions of work, eat, sleep, clean, pay bills etc. 
I guess I am going to really have to take some time to formulate my picture, not just a wish list with a collage of magazine cut outs on a piece of bristol board.  What do I really want? How do I want to feel?
One thing is for sure, I want to make ART!

The Turquoise Coat….


I found and old tuquoise coat…..what to do?  This was the result of working with that piece.  I thought I’d put a random little shot of purple in the centre just to jazz things up a bit.  I so admire all of the other Penny Rug artists I have found online.  If I didn’t have to work, do laundry, feed people, walk dogs etc. I would make penny rugs all day long….well maybe not all day, but I’d do it a lot….after I get home from thrift shopping…..