Frustration tranforms into Telementation!


As I said in my first post, I purchased a book on Telementation recently (The Law of Attraction)  The author of this book, Jeffery Grupp, has finally written a book on this subject that gives one the clear understanding of exactly how to carry out the process of attacting into your life what you want.  I have discoverd that the first step in this process is having a CRYSTAL CLEAR picture of what you want.  Whoa, that is a tall order….especially when most of us are just keeping on keeping on everday and going through the motions of work, eat, sleep, clean, pay bills etc. 
I guess I am going to really have to take some time to formulate my picture, not just a wish list with a collage of magazine cut outs on a piece of bristol board.  What do I really want? How do I want to feel?
One thing is for sure, I want to make ART!


One thought on “Frustration tranforms into Telementation!

  1. Good Morning, Kim ~ I see where you are a new follower of my blog ~ welcome! And I see that you are interested in the Law of Attraction, too! I'm sure you've read the book “The Secret”. I'm re-reading it ~ and putting into practice all that it says! We're on the right track, if we can just keep our focus!!! Your penny rugs are great ~ love the colors!

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