Penny Angel Pillow

I started this project weeks ago before I went to Florida.  It sat for a while until the motivation hit me to finish it today.  I am quite taken with her if I do say so myself.  Just the kind of thing to put a smile on my face. A big goal of mine is to alway make sure that whatever I produce has the ability to make me happy inside when I look at the finished work.  I like my work with a funky edge, I guess I am just not the refined type who likes fussy things.  Make it funky, that’s my motto!

Like if just like that some times……


I haven’t posted in a little bit, a lot has happened in a short while.  My Mum went in for a knee replacement, that went beautifully and she will be getting the second knee done in the fall.  My dog, Corrie had to have emergency surgery for a kidney stone that had blocked her urethra.  That was stressful but she has made a full recovery and is a joy.

Then on Mother’s day, my Daughter Morgan’s best friend took her own life at 18 years of age.  That set things spinning….Grief and sorrow come over you like waves on the ocean and you just have to ride them out…Brianne was a beautiful person and a godsend for my Morgan.   They met in public school and felt such a connection with each other.  They allowed each other to be who they were, judgement free.  Silly and goofy dancing and singing toghether and just having fun.  Countless sleepovers even until recently.  Sometimes I would open Morgan’s door not knowing Brianne was even in the house and there she was sleeping peacfully after a night of girl gab and movie watching.
She was blossoming into adulthood but it wasn’t meant to be.  She had other plans and we are left with the legacy of a open and loving girl who we will never forget.  Rest in peace Brianne, you were much loved by my family and will be sorely missed.

First Student arrives tomorrow morning!


Ok, so I am tired of being alone in my love for Penny Rugs around here….I placed an ad on Kijiji offering to teach not knowing what to expect.  Nobody seems to know what a Penny Rug is.  I was pleasantly surprised to recive an immediate response from a very nice lady who wanted to learn the craft.  She came over for an initial Hi, how are you.  She is coming over tomorrow morning for her first lesson.  I have put together a small kit to get her started.  Making a small rug for use as a hot pad or candle mat, 7 pennies in total with a background and backing.  I haven’t really taught any crafts since I was a Brownie leader.  She seems to be quited excited to get going, so am I!