I like Cuffs!


Another quick little project that I enjoy making is a cuff.  A cuff can take an hour to a couple of hours to put together while watching TV or listening to an internet radio program.  I love these little things, they give me an excuse to use buttons and beads and in turn that gives me permission to hunt for and buy these items at my favorite thrift shops.  It’s a vicious circle but I love it!


Memorial Service in the Morning….


My Father in Law of almost 25 years has recently passed on and tomorrow is his Memorial Service.  Jack was a retired Fire Captain from the Toronto Fire Dept.  He joined the Department back in 1957 and served proudly for 32 years.  His loss will be felt deeply by my Family for the rest of our days but we are so happy that he is out of pain and has a peaceful passing. 
I sat and worked on a rag rug during his last few days, it sure did help to occupy my mind and my hands during a tough time.  Crafting stuff can be so soothing and theraputic, don’t you think?
Love you Jack.

Goin’ Around in Circles

So I really love Penny Rugs but I have had another little obsession lately to learn to crochet rag rugs.  I have never had enough patience to learn to knit, my Mother tried to teach me when I was younger but being left handed it always felt awkward.  I had not patience for it either, all that counting and patterns etc….to many restrictions for my little short span of attention.  When I am making art it has to have no rules and be a really free flow thing.  That is why I enjoy painting with acryclics as well as hand sewing my pennies.
I had never crocheted anything in my life either but for some reason I just LOVE rag rugs and NEEDED to figure out how to make one.  I combed the internet and Youtube for help and have spent the last few months since the New Year making rugs through trial and error.  My first few rugs were all over the place, wouldn’t lie flat etc.  Then I tried Naalbinding also known as Toothbrush rugs, worked a little better but still wouldn’t lie flat and I was constantly steaming the heck out of the work while making it to get it to lay down.  Then two days ago I re-visited a Youtube video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYw5ZvRdhPQ ) that I had watched and dismissed ages ago because the lady is working so fast and is right handed but I gave it another shot and stopped the video every couple of seconds numerous times and after a long obssesive session of stopping and starting and ripping out 4 or 5 starts I started getting the hang of it!  Finally a rug was nice and chunky and laying down flat as I was making it!  YAY! I felt such a sense of accomplishment and I really like the results.  Now only if I could stick to the pile of Laundry in the Laundry room like that……….

Time for Brooches

Life just gets so busy sometimes.  I sit whenever I can and make pennies but when that is not enough and time is short I make Brooches.  There is nothing like the satisfaction of doing a small project that you know will be a finished little piece in a short span of time.   Just the ticket when I get frustrated and anxious and feel that I have not been producing enough.  Is that obsessive compulsive?  Everything else goes by the wayside.  Laundry, cooking, cleaning, the whole world goes by but as long as I get a little project done I am happy!