Another crafty thing added to my life!


I have so many things that I wanted to get done this summer.  Painting walls, gardening, getting ready for a big garage sale to downsize the clutter….instead I have been making crochet baskets……I really want to get things done but I can’t resist the urge to pick up a crochet hook and start another rag bowl.  I have made three in the last 3 days.  The crochet thing is a new thing that I figured out by watching Youtube videos…I started with rugs and now I’m doing bowls.  I need to figure out how to make handles, that would be cool.  If I keep this up, everybody will be getting a rag bowl for Christmas!

Upcycled t-shirt fabric used to make a nifty bowl.

My Daughter Morgan models a rag bowl for the camera!

Air Conditioning and a Button Necklace


We’re having a bit of a heatwave here in my part of Ontario.  It makes it hard to want to be outside.  I walk the dogs early before 9am and the dogs and I are glad to be home for a drink of water and the A/C when we are done!  So in between shifts working my part time job I have been sitting quietly making this button necklace.  I am loving it, Green is my favorite colour and the greens in these buttons remind me of old Jadeite dishes.  I love how green and brown look together, very natural.  I had been inspired by seeing other button necklaces on Flickr and have wanted to try to put one together for a while with my own little twist.  I inserted black ribbon at each end in order to be able to tie it up and I added a couple of funky beads that dangle down the nape of your neck……Great fun, and knowing me as I do, I will probably knock out a few more while I am obsessed with them before the urge winds down and I am on to something else.

One Hot day…..


Wow, Thursday was hot around here.  I had gone to visit my Mom and we decided to go to St. Jacob’s for the day to check out some Antiques.  Mom is still recovering from a knee replacement that was done 8 weeks ago.  She is doing beautifully and beat me to quite a few booths at the market.  St. Jacob’s is a town not far from Kitchener, Ontario.  It is in an area of Mennonite settlements and Farms and they have a big influence on the food and flavour of the area.

This was a pretty doll sitting in an old high chair, cloth painted face.  I had an eye out for textiles but I gotta say, there just wasn’t much to see.  No penny rugs at all.  I asked the market manager if she had seen any penny rugs lately and she told me she hardly ever sees one any more.  Years ago she said she saw then now and then but not any more.  I really enjoyed getting out for the day but it was killer hot.  The A/C in my car is not really working well, think I need a re-charge.  So Mum and me looked quite wind blown by the time we got home!  We did make a pit stop for lunch at my Mom’s favorite restaurant, Swiss Chalet.  Only in Canada and the best Chicken place ever!

This quilt was backed in flour sack cloth and was very primitive.  Don’t know if I’d want to snuggle up with it, the cloth was pretty rough, but it was a beautiful thing to behold.  The Needlepoint pillow cover pictured here was very bright and colourful and I was tempted to purchase it but the picture will have to suffice.  My Mom spotted a booth with jars of vintage buttons so I did manage to pick up 4 jam jars of buttons.  I was a happy girl with those tucked under my arm!
We needed more time….St. Jacob’s has an amazing Farmer’s Market the we didn’t even get to that day.  Mom scolded me and told me that I needed to stay longer.  Wish I could have, had to work the next day.

Next time I promise, I’ll stay longer!

Been working on a Wall Hanging.


I have been working on this wall hanging.  It’s been pinned to the board right in front of me for months without saying much to me and I think it may be time to decide what to do about it.  It is measuring approx. 19in x 32in.  I am stumped as to whether I should make it bigger, add a border, add buttons, or just sew some rings on it and slide a support across the back of it for hanging.  Just don’t know what to do…….does that mean do nothing an just wait??? Talk to me you silly thing…….

Kindred Spirits….


A good friend of mine owns an adorable Wool Shop in the town of Whitby, Ontario.  She has been very supportive of my work and has always been eager to carry my goods on consignment.  Yesterday I dropped of a few more things.

                                         Here is a link to her shop,
I have made and sold quite a few things at her shop.  Her buyers especially like to see the tote bags I make from old sweaters that are large enough to carry a knitting project around in.

It’s nice to have someone who believes in you and who you can also stop by to see for a cup of tea and a good gab!

Happy Canada Day!