Air Conditioning and a Button Necklace


We’re having a bit of a heatwave here in my part of Ontario.  It makes it hard to want to be outside.  I walk the dogs early before 9am and the dogs and I are glad to be home for a drink of water and the A/C when we are done!  So in between shifts working my part time job I have been sitting quietly making this button necklace.  I am loving it, Green is my favorite colour and the greens in these buttons remind me of old Jadeite dishes.  I love how green and brown look together, very natural.  I had been inspired by seeing other button necklaces on Flickr and have wanted to try to put one together for a while with my own little twist.  I inserted black ribbon at each end in order to be able to tie it up and I added a couple of funky beads that dangle down the nape of your neck……Great fun, and knowing me as I do, I will probably knock out a few more while I am obsessed with them before the urge winds down and I am on to something else.


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