Featured in another Etsy Treasury!



Follow the link to an Etsy treasury featuring Penny Rugs!  Obviously someone is looking at my work but sadly I have only made one sale so far on Etsy….bummer. 

The featured piece was an early work of mine….I wanted to cram as much colour in as I could!


Another visit to Kniterary.


I dropped in to Kniterary again today.  My Friend Martina is the owner of this lovely little wool shop in Whitby, Ontario.  I had a few more things ready to be placed on consignment.  I was very happy to hear that one of the Rag Rugs that had been recently offered for sale had found a new home! 

Martina was gracious enough to model a Rag Bowl I had brought in that was made from Sari Fabric.  Too Cute!!!

My newest item item is a small doormat that I crocheted using recycled Wool sweaters.   This rug took 3 sweaters cut into strips approx. 3/4″ wide.  It is very soft underfoot and measures approx. 22″x32″.  The dark colour palette should hide the dirt and it can be hand washed and laid flat to dry.  I love how it turned out and it has inspired me to try another one next time, bigger!

Rag Rugs….just can’t stop making them!


I went to drop some Rag Rugs off today at my friend Martina’s Shop.  She has a cute little wool shop nearby in Whitby, Ontario and she has been selling some of my work on consignment over the last couple of years.

   I have been obsessed with making these things
this summer, so easy to sit and crochet while listening
to internet radio programs!  Hunting for the fabric has
been great fun, found some awesome deals at my
favorite thrift shops…more fun ripping the fabric up piece by piece while my dogs look on thinking I am a crazy lady! 
I have heard that these old fashioned rag rugs are coming back into vogue, must have something to do with becoming thrifty during hard economic times.  For me, any time is a great time to appreciate old time crafts and re purposing old materials.           Waste not, Want not!

Etsy Treasury etc.


Just got an e-mail that a piece I made has been added to an Etsy Treasury. Here is the link,

Been Busy re-painting my Dining room, it was a deep Red, always wanted to try a red room but it was not working for me, I gave it two years but in the end decided it had to go!

I have some pretty trim for the shades on the chandelier if I can ever find my glue gun!  I wanted to paint half the house this summer but this room is all that I managed to get done so far…summer’s not over yet is it?  I better “get my skates on” if I want to get anything else done before the fall!  This is a big improvement I can assure you.  I had been using my dining room as a studio and had it jam packed with felted sweaters, my sewing machine, bookshelves, all my odds and ends and believe me I was too embarrassed to take a picture of it in that state.  Everything has been moved to a spare bedroom and I am hoping one day to have a studio build for me in the basement with lots of space and good lighting.  It is a dream of mine!