Culture Days Here at Kniterary

Martina, Owner Kniterary

This past Weekend was Culture Days here in Canada. There were advertised events all over the country and I participated in a local project at my friend Martina’s wool shop, Kniterary.

There was also a Jewelry artist, Tara of Soul Xpression doing beading work with the participants.

Tara of Soul Xpression

Martina had a vintage wool blanket that we were embellishing with knitted blocks, beading and pennies.  This art piece when finished will be stitched to a tree behind the shop and be left for all to enjoy come rain or shine.  It was a great experience to sit and stitch and chat with fellow art enthusiasts!


Something New


I just finished this little bag, thought I’d try something new.  I had been using reycycled sweaters and experimenting with crocheting rag rugs.

I have hand sewn in a lining in gold moire.  I think it turned out cute.  Adding some felted sweater circles and buttons funked it up a bit.  It fits nicely into my hand.  Yep……. I like it!

Artfire Collection and Garage Sale Fundraiser Weekend


Link for a new Artfire collection that my work has been featured in…Thanks for taking a look!

Well, I’m pooped.  It has been a busy weekend but a successful one!  We put on a Garage Sale this weekend that raised funds for a benefit dance to be held this coming December in honor of our late friend and loved one Brianne….she was mentioned in an earlier post of mine this year when we unexpectedly lost her.  To help move through the loss, my Daughter and her friends are working to make as large a donation as possible to the Kids Help Phone service here in Canada.  The proceeds with help pay for the hall rental, printing, and other expenses in the run up to the big night.
We had a beautiful day and a great turnout.  A very fulfilling way to spend a Saturday…a lot of my junk walked away, Yesssss! 

Stumble and Bark Cloth


I am not sure why or how I decided but I made a decision the other day to give Artfire a try.  The listings in my Etsy shop expired and I felt frustrated.  I had been featured in 3 Treasuries this summer so I knew that I was getting views on my items but I had only made one sale to date.  I checked out the Artfire site and set up an account.  That is when I came across Stumble.  I saw the icon on my home page and clicked on it….what a cool find.  I have been Stumbling around ever since.  What a great way to come across webpages that you resonate with…some not so much but easy to just skip to the next one.  I recommend it if you haven’t tried it yet.

 So I started listing my items on Artfire and decided that I could also let go of some of my Vintage “treasures” too.  That is where the Bark Cloth comes in.  When I am second hand shopping I just can’t pass up some finds….whether or not I need them or will use them.  I have just listed some funky pieces of Bark Cloth that I found over this past year.  I have had my time with them, held them, caressed them, enjoyed them and now I can let them go.

Check out my Artfire page if you love Bark Cloth too!

Started my day with a Rainbow today….


I just saw this Rainbow less than an hour ago.  I needed this Rainbow this morning!  I think somebody up there is trying to send me a message…it’s all good, don’t worry, that kind of thing.  My middle daughter came home yesterday from her first day at a new college program and announced that it was a requirement that she have a Mac computer….and I need it yesterday!  Typical kid, she did not realize that there was information online with these requirements, there were other kids too Mom who didn’t know….that always makes it legit when others had a brain fart too.  Well I don’t know about everybody else out there but I can’t just crochet up a Mac laptop for a couple of bucks!  I went into “Thrift” mode and hit Kijiji immediately!  As fate would have it there was an ad for a used Mac already loaded with almost all of the programs that she needs.  I called right away and the seller was kind enough to come over last night with the computer.  I got in first so I had first dibs…apparently there were 7 or 8 other people in line for the thing if we said no,  The man was very kind and was selling because he bought the latest version of the computer to better suit his needs.  We bought the computer and he gave us a more than fair price, a third of what I would have to spend if I walked into a retail store…..this morning she went off to school with her new acquisition tucked into her back pack…..and I was rewarded with this lovely Rainbow!

How nice, A new Etsy Treasury including my Work!


This piece is featured in the Treasury.  I love that people are finding my work, I am crazy about what I make and I love to see other peoples work in these Treasuries.  I am going to try to figure out how they are done so I can make an Etsy Treasury too!

This week I am still working on rag rug crochet projects.  I have figured out how to make a rag bag.

This first little bag is 12″ x 12″ and would make a cute lunch bag or small tote bag.  I just wanted to test out my method of making handles and it went pretty well.  I am now working on bag no. 2.  Making a bigger bag and mixing up the material more in a random pattern.  I am envisioning large totes for carrying projects around in.  My Daughter Morgan has mentioned that a bigger tote would be great to carry her books to and from College…..I’ll have to get right on that!