Started my day with a Rainbow today….


I just saw this Rainbow less than an hour ago.  I needed this Rainbow this morning!  I think somebody up there is trying to send me a message…it’s all good, don’t worry, that kind of thing.  My middle daughter came home yesterday from her first day at a new college program and announced that it was a requirement that she have a Mac computer….and I need it yesterday!  Typical kid, she did not realize that there was information online with these requirements, there were other kids too Mom who didn’t know….that always makes it legit when others had a brain fart too.  Well I don’t know about everybody else out there but I can’t just crochet up a Mac laptop for a couple of bucks!  I went into “Thrift” mode and hit Kijiji immediately!  As fate would have it there was an ad for a used Mac already loaded with almost all of the programs that she needs.  I called right away and the seller was kind enough to come over last night with the computer.  I got in first so I had first dibs…apparently there were 7 or 8 other people in line for the thing if we said no,  The man was very kind and was selling because he bought the latest version of the computer to better suit his needs.  We bought the computer and he gave us a more than fair price, a third of what I would have to spend if I walked into a retail store…..this morning she went off to school with her new acquisition tucked into her back pack…..and I was rewarded with this lovely Rainbow!


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