Been Months Since I last Posted…..


Hi All.  I haven’t posted since October.  Life just got busy and in the way….I also switched over to a new laptop courtesy of my daughter, Morgan.  She needed a Mac for school work so I was able to take over her old computer.  It was much newer than mine but it has taken me a while to get used to it.
Honestly, I was very glad to see the backside of 2010.  The most challenging year of my life for many years.  It was a tough one right to the bitter end.  I felt a deep exhale within myself when it was over and I woke up in 2011.  I really feel like this year will be one that will see a lot of positive changes.

In the meantime…..I have been crocheting things with plastic bags and VCR tapes.  I just wanted to try it OK.  It was fun…it takes a lot of patience too.

 I made a hang tag for the bags that I made using the corresponding movie that was used to make them.
 I also added some random balls of yarn that I had laying around. 

This green bag was made using the Sound of Music. It has been a great learning experience and fun to see how the bags turned out.  I think that a bunch of these funky bags would really stand out at the checkout when grocery shopping. What a stylish way to bring home the Raisin Bran!  The VCR tape seems to be very strong and one old tape goes a long, long way while crocheting.
If I can just get myself organized a little better this year, I will get back in my workroom and get some penny rug projects on the go.  I just wish that I could control my attention span to stay focused and not jump around so much.  One day I am working on a t-shirt rug and the next day I am crocheting plastic bags.  There are half finished things laying all over the place!


One thought on “Been Months Since I last Posted…..

  1. I'm glad to see you back! I hope this will be a very positive year for you. You are starting out with some very cool projects! I've never seen crocheted video tape before but I think the idea is wonderful! I love the hang tags!

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