My Pumpkin Bathroom has a new resident!

My Dog “Corrie” and my latest rug.

I finished my latest rag rug last night. It is approx. 4 ft x 3 ft in size….I can’t find my measuring tape so I am guessing.  It was made using some sheets that I picked up at a local Salvation Army Store.  It will need to lie on the floor for a while to get it to lay flat….I am still learning how to get the stitches just right in order to get a perfectly flat rug. 

I found this Boy yesterday at the Thrift store where I work!  I hemmed and hawed before deciding to bring him home.  He is an unsigned little oil painting and the price was right..less than the cost of a magazine.  I just couldn’t leave this painting behind, the colors were so perfect for my little powder room that I just painted.  I love to pick up things that make me laugh…this little guy with a butt hanging out of his mouth is just so funny to me.  So politically incorrect!  I will have to come up with some kind of important lesson to tell my future Grandchildren about the horrors of smoking or something like that to justify this boy living in my Bathroom!  My husband hasn’t noticed him yet…I don’t think he will be impressed! LOL!!!

One thought on “My Pumpkin Bathroom has a new resident!

  1. What a conversation piece! My husband once went 6 months before noticing that I had painted our bathroom. He never would have noticed a new painting! Even one as unusual as this one! LOL I can't wait to hear the story you come up with to tell your future grandchildren!

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