Been a long time since I Blogged.


 Hello all!  It’s been many months since I took the time to blog and for that I am truly sorry.  I have missed putting my latest projects out there for all to see.  A few months ago I was hit with a compulsion and a passion for making paper beads.  For a couple of weeks it was all I could do in my spare time! 
I went “full time” at my place of work just over three months ago and it has seriously cut into my creative time.  I am hoping to fall into a smoother routine this fall in order to accommodate the time I need for my crafting….no the time I MUST spend crafting…..if I don’t take the time I need I do become a very crabby girl indeed.

 I am also feeling a little reflective these days….my youngest daughter is off to college in one week.  I cannot lie…I have shed some tears already.  Today we went to Walmart with all the other parents and dropped a wad of cash on school supplies.  She is chomping at the bit to go and experience life on her own far from Mom and Dad.  I am happy to have not raised a timid, frightened child but one who wants to spread her wings!  I send her off with some of these beauties but she won’t wear ’em.  My youngest is a bit of a Tomboy, more interested in a rousing game of “Assassin’s Creed” on her Playstation than a few paper bead bracelets!