Time flies when you have to work!


I am neglecting this blog and that is not my intention.  I have been working at my “day job” and I am spread pretty thin with my need to make things with my hands and my need for rest.  The blog suffers.  I have been busy making new things however and so I am going to share some new pics!

 This a rug I just listed on my Etsy page, the dogs love these rugs, so cozy.  The bag below was made a few days ago and is also for sale online, I am so tempted to keep it, I love the colors.

This rug was made for me…I needed something for the front entry and I worked on it while watching a couple of season’s of Dexter….one of my new favorite TV shows…I am also loving Boardwalk Empire.  I guess if  I wasn’t watching TV I would be updating this blog!

I have been working to re-stock my Etsy page…I tried a year of selling on Artfire and had dismal sales.  Just a few things but defiantly not worth all the work.  I am hoping success will follow where my attention goes so I am spending lots of time on Etsy.  I really love to see all of the work that everyone is doing out there online.  It is so inspiring to me.  Pinterest has also become a new time sucker…but I love it as well.   Thank goodness my kids are grown…they would be having to drag me away from the computer is they were little ones!


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