Adjusting My Attitude.


Well, here it is.  The first day of 2013…the year I will turn 50…yikes, that’s a big number.  It’s a big number but a good number and it would seem to me that it would be a good time to really work on adjusting my attitude.  As you can see in the picture above, I was gifted a new iPhone for Christmas by my Husband.  I was not expecting it and it took me a second or two to realize what he had given me…the face does not lie.  I have since had my brain pulled and stretched in many directions while my daughters try to drag me into the present and teach me the ins and outs of this technology. 
My intention this year is to focus more of my time on my artwork and to expand my Etsy business.  I love Etsy and the Etsy community of artists and really want to grow and learn more about being a successful Seller on that site. 

I love being creative and love working with recycled and upcycled fabrics, this I know….but I really have a need to work on a more positive outlook and drawing only the best and most positive of experiences to myself….so that is the one and only resolution I will make for this year…the weight on my body will be what it will be….I don’t smoke so that’s not a resolution I need to make….I don’t gamble or drink too much….I am a pretty solid citizen in the grand scheme of things but I really need to keep a positive mind set and look on the bright side of things….you know, count my blessings and have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE…..and that is my pledge for this year!
Happy New Year to all who read this post and I wish only the best for you all!


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