Moving on and Big Changes happening!


Well I am finally free of my day job!  Finished there on Tuesday and am now a Self Representing Fiber Artist….officially.  The birds are singing, the sun is shining and all is good in the world.
My husband and I have a big move coming up next month…we are moving up north to a rural location on 5 acres and I am finally going to get my studio space.  My Etsy shop has been temporarily suspended and I will be re-listing my work after I have unpacked from the move…so keep an eye out for that.  The area that I am moving to has a very active artistic community with lots of opportunity to attend sales and farmers markets so I may be selling more goods in person rather than online until I can get my stock built up next winter.

I have not been able to produce as much of my work in the past few months as I would have liked..the job got in the way.  It was a physical job sorting goods for a big thrift chain store…I sorted two to two and half thousand pounds of “stuff” a day.  Dirty grubby work.  I was shocked at times with the things people would donate….a couple of months ago I got and urn with heavy ashes in it…I am pretty sure someone was in there!  Lots and lots of really bad crap…a word for those of you who donate to these places…if you wouldn’t want to buy it at your local thrift store don’t bother donating it…they have to toss it anyway. You’re not doing anyone any favors by donating your old burnt, disgusting frying pan or Grandmas old written on greeting cards.  From someone who dealt with the stuff everyday…send the gross stuff to the dump please.

Now instead of the view of the back of a dirty production room…this is the view that I will be looking at!  I will be soaking in the wildlife and gently prodding my husband to get working on a Grow-dome for me to putter in.
I can only hope the scenery will fuel my creativity…I don’t have to hope..I know it will.
As for my Blog…I will be making a commitment to Blogging at least once a week from our Muskoka paradise when I get all set up in late June.  You can hold me to it if I don’t!

2 thoughts on “Moving on and Big Changes happening!

  1. Anonymous

    Good luck with the move!! am jealous and happy for both of you, such a great way to spend the rest of your life with that view!.. all the best . kcd

  2. Good luck with your move Kim. I'm looking forward to all sorts of great creative stuff. This place is the place dreams come true and I'm sure you'll have lots of great times and memories here with your family and loved ones. ♥♥

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