Storage Solutions


I am still busy unpacking and “downsizing” my stuff but it sure is hard trying to get rid of things when I have spent years picking them up in thrift shops.  Last week I was looking around on Kijiji for some storage options and I was lucky enough to find a woman selling a 4 piece wall unit.  She was so proud of her units telling me she had purchased them in 1983 for a grand total if $1,400.00.  She was willing to part with the whole lot for $250 so my hubby and I loaded them up and brought them home (with some help of course).  We immediately got to work to transform with chalk pain and moldings.  We decided we would turn them into built ins to add some extra strength and we only used two pieces, the other two are waiting for their re-do in another room. 

 I’m really happy with how it turned out and I love how chalk paint allows you to paint shiny old veneers without sanding or priming.  I guess it’s how I get my kicks these days!


Still Settling In!


Still getting settled at the new homestead.  Downsizing has been a whole new thing for me, I’m usually up sizing and dragging new things home all the time….like the ever expanding fabric stash that has now completely taken over.
It’s been very busy and hectic since arriving at our new location.  Super challenging to move into a house with no linen cupboard and no coat closet.  The main bathroom had zero storage as well so I have been a regular at the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Thank Goodness for that place!!!
Because of the ReStore, I now have lots of cupboards and a nice vanity in the bathroom albeit a lot of elbow grease was required to make it work but with some sweat and a little skill on our part my husband and I were able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time.

I recently took a painting class focused on the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line of products.  I love painting with chalk paint but I cannot lie…her products are expensive and I am not above trolling around on Youtube to learn how to make my own home made version…which is exactly what I did!
I did however buy her dark wax and used it to age and give some patina to the cupboard pictured below.

The vanity pictured here was an amazing find. It included a beautiful KOHLER Sink and set of taps but was in need of and update and some feet.  It was a super satisfying project that proved my Hubby and I still work well as a team even after all these years.

 The resulting bathroom mini renovation gave me a very vintage, flea market chic kinda feel to the room perfect for hanging up a bunch of my thrift shop finds in.

 I have NO IDEA how I am ever going to tackle my studio space!  We still have some of my boxes to come into the house from a storage unit and all that is left are boxes marked “Studio”…oh dear…I guess I’ll be hanging around the ReStore some more!