Storage Solutions


I am still busy unpacking and “downsizing” my stuff but it sure is hard trying to get rid of things when I have spent years picking them up in thrift shops.  Last week I was looking around on Kijiji for some storage options and I was lucky enough to find a woman selling a 4 piece wall unit.  She was so proud of her units telling me she had purchased them in 1983 for a grand total if $1,400.00.  She was willing to part with the whole lot for $250 so my hubby and I loaded them up and brought them home (with some help of course).  We immediately got to work to transform with chalk pain and moldings.  We decided we would turn them into built ins to add some extra strength and we only used two pieces, the other two are waiting for their re-do in another room. 

 I’m really happy with how it turned out and I love how chalk paint allows you to paint shiny old veneers without sanding or priming.  I guess it’s how I get my kicks these days!


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