Finally…a new name.


Well, I finally did it.  Got the courage up to claim a name for my Etsy shop.  I have been thinking about it for a long time but it has been easier to just go with the old name until something happened yesterday to make me rethink everything!

A woman purchased an item from me and gave me my first bad review.  She did not contact me to ask for a refund or even to let me know it wasn’t what she was expecting.  That’s OK…I’ve worked retail.  It didn’t stop me from shedding a tear or two however.

I was floored.  People may think..oh that’s sell your stuff on Etsy but I am sure that those who have never given it a whirl don’t really have an understanding of the work behind it.  I love it!! I have learned a ton about myself and how to navigate the internet not to mention SEO!

I really feel sometimes I need a 2×4 like a crap review in order to light a fire under me.  With the advice of a fellow Fiber Artist, Jocelyn Allen  I was given the incentive to make some changes!

I have opened a new shop in Etsy as well for my Vintage finds.  I felt my handwork was getting a little lost as the size of my shop grew and felt it was time to split into two entities.  The new can be found here @

As my friends and family know I am a big David Bowie fan so I thought I’d use a phrase from his song “Young Americans”…Slinky Vagabond….a fun name that means something to me!  There is just one little thing in there right now but I will be adding more and moving stuff over from Ragged Revival as well.

On a side are some coasters I have been working on.  I thought they’d be great gift ideas to take with you when invited to a friends Cottage this summer…one of my BFF’s has just purchased a Cottage and I will be bringing a set along for her!





In Like a Lion!


I would say that March has come in like a Lion…we got another 5 inches of snow and the polar vortex continues to hover.  My poor dogs are so P.O.’ed at me for not walking them but they are two little Shih Tzu’s and I don’t have booties for their feet so we get to the end of the driveway and Nicky, the boy, is already crying and whining so I have to turn back up the drive and go home.

I have been making some headway while confined to the house.  I have painted my studio space and also given my desk a lovely coat of green with a top coat of dark wax to grub it up a bit. 

I have also managed to work on a rug or two and make a new pincushion with some of my Vintage button stash.


My Hubby is picking up some shelving for me today and hopefully I will be able to start the process of organizing my fabrics sometime this week…..time marches on….get it…March….I amuse myself….