Summer’s coming to a close…time to ramp up for the Winter!


IMG_4753I finally had the opportunity to attend my first show and sale last month!  I have been selling on Etsy for a while now but had not taken the leap into the world of Craft Shows.  My Husband and I sure learned a lot from the experience and I have been bitten by the bug…gotta do more!

IMG_4741It was so nice to get some feedback from the public visiting the show.  I work on my own and sometimes it feels like I am in my own little bubble.  It was amazing to me how many people said that their Grandmothers used to make the type of rugs I make or that they remembered rag rugs on the floor when they were little.  I am hoping to attend my next show this November and am planning to work hard all Winter to make more Rugs, Baskets and Tote Bags for next summer…I hope to see you at a Craft Sale somewhere soon!


Finally…a new name.


Well, I finally did it.  Got the courage up to claim a name for my Etsy shop.  I have been thinking about it for a long time but it has been easier to just go with the old name until something happened yesterday to make me rethink everything!

A woman purchased an item from me and gave me my first bad review.  She did not contact me to ask for a refund or even to let me know it wasn’t what she was expecting.  That’s OK…I’ve worked retail.  It didn’t stop me from shedding a tear or two however.

I was floored.  People may think..oh that’s sell your stuff on Etsy but I am sure that those who have never given it a whirl don’t really have an understanding of the work behind it.  I love it!! I have learned a ton about myself and how to navigate the internet not to mention SEO!

I really feel sometimes I need a 2×4 like a crap review in order to light a fire under me.  With the advice of a fellow Fiber Artist, Jocelyn Allen  I was given the incentive to make some changes!

I have opened a new shop in Etsy as well for my Vintage finds.  I felt my handwork was getting a little lost as the size of my shop grew and felt it was time to split into two entities.  The new can be found here @

As my friends and family know I am a big David Bowie fan so I thought I’d use a phrase from his song “Young Americans”…Slinky Vagabond….a fun name that means something to me!  There is just one little thing in there right now but I will be adding more and moving stuff over from Ragged Revival as well.

On a side are some coasters I have been working on.  I thought they’d be great gift ideas to take with you when invited to a friends Cottage this summer…one of my BFF’s has just purchased a Cottage and I will be bringing a set along for her!




In Like a Lion!


I would say that March has come in like a Lion…we got another 5 inches of snow and the polar vortex continues to hover.  My poor dogs are so P.O.’ed at me for not walking them but they are two little Shih Tzu’s and I don’t have booties for their feet so we get to the end of the driveway and Nicky, the boy, is already crying and whining so I have to turn back up the drive and go home.

I have been making some headway while confined to the house.  I have painted my studio space and also given my desk a lovely coat of green with a top coat of dark wax to grub it up a bit. 

I have also managed to work on a rug or two and make a new pincushion with some of my Vintage button stash.


My Hubby is picking up some shelving for me today and hopefully I will be able to start the process of organizing my fabrics sometime this week…..time marches on….get it…March….I amuse myself….

Cranky Mc Crankerson!


That’s me these days….winter drags on…studio is a mess…can’t find a new salon…

I have moved a lot of times in my life and am hoping to settle in for a good long while but in the keep me sane..I just keep making things!


These guys are two of my latest pieces.  I like them.  Will probably make more.  What I really need to do is get organized!  The space that has been designated as my studio is a mess and sometimes rather than try to figure it out it’s just easier to rip up a bed sheet or chop up some fabric and make something.  I am all about the instant gratification.

I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day…I will just have to press on!  Next thing on the list is to paint my space to freshen it up and then a trip to IKEA will be in order!

Deep breath.

Cabin Fever!


Yup….it has set in.  Cabin Fever.  I’ve been sitting at home for most of January with the wind howling an the snow just keeps piling up!


That’s my back deck….haven’t made it to the Hot tub in quite a while.  Oh well…it can’t last forever….I keep telling myself! 

It seems like spring is a long way off but it’s giving me a chance to get some stuff done that I have needed to do anyway.  After a few years of just playing at it I made a commitment to stocking up my Etsy shop and really making a go of it this summer.  Making the move to our new spot here in the Canadian wilderness has enabled me to make some changes and do more of the things I am passionate about.  So…I have been learning a new language…one that includes SEO’s and Forums and Facebook pages etc.  It’s not always easy to get this tech stuff when you grew up in an era when the Microwave oven was a huge deal coming into the house!  I am persevering and loving it!  

Getting my shop filled up with the work that I have done is making room for new creations to come into my imagination and into existence.  A burst of creative energy is just what the Doctor ordered this Winter!  It’s been a tough one.  Here’s to the light at the end of the tunnel!


New Year, New Blog Home!


I’ve decided it’s time to move my Blog to WordPress and to actually get blogging again!  I’ve kinda farted around with a lot of different things these past six or seven months…including unpacking..getting rid of stuff..picking up new stuff…painting stuff…making stuff…working on my Etsy shop….helping my youngest daughter get her act together etc. etc. etc….It’s been busy!

As the new year has turned and the winter maintains it’s grip on me and my environment I am seeing sprouts coming up from the seeds I have been planting!

My Etsy shop has been encouraging and I have seen pieces I have made make their way to the States, Canada and Scotland.  My youngest daughter starts a new job next week and is flying the coop.  My home is beginning to take shape with each new project that I complete.

All in all a productive start to my new life in Muskoka!

Now I just need to get into a routine to make sure I am hitting all the marks I am aiming for.  My fresh start with WordPress is an exciting new beginning and I hope you enjoy following me on my adventures!Image