New Year, New Blog Home!


I’ve decided it’s time to move my Blog to WordPress and to actually get blogging again!  I’ve kinda farted around with a lot of different things these past six or seven months…including unpacking..getting rid of stuff..picking up new stuff…painting stuff…making stuff…working on my Etsy shop….helping my youngest daughter get her act together etc. etc. etc….It’s been busy!

As the new year has turned and the winter maintains it’s grip on me and my environment I am seeing sprouts coming up from the seeds I have been planting!

My Etsy shop has been encouraging and I have seen pieces I have made make their way to the States, Canada and Scotland.  My youngest daughter starts a new job next week and is flying the coop.  My home is beginning to take shape with each new project that I complete.

All in all a productive start to my new life in Muskoka!

Now I just need to get into a routine to make sure I am hitting all the marks I am aiming for.  My fresh start with WordPress is an exciting new beginning and I hope you enjoy following me on my adventures!Image