Summer’s coming to a close…time to ramp up for the Winter!


IMG_4753I finally had the opportunity to attend my first show and sale last month!  I have been selling on Etsy for a while now but had not taken the leap into the world of Craft Shows.  My Husband and I sure learned a lot from the experience and I have been bitten by the bug…gotta do more!

IMG_4741It was so nice to get some feedback from the public visiting the show.  I work on my own and sometimes it feels like I am in my own little bubble.  It was amazing to me how many people said that their Grandmothers used to make the type of rugs I make or that they remembered rag rugs on the floor when they were little.  I am hoping to attend my next show this November and am planning to work hard all Winter to make more Rugs, Baskets and Tote Bags for next summer…I hope to see you at a Craft Sale somewhere soon!


In Like a Lion!


I would say that March has come in like a Lion…we got another 5 inches of snow and the polar vortex continues to hover.  My poor dogs are so P.O.’ed at me for not walking them but they are two little Shih Tzu’s and I don’t have booties for their feet so we get to the end of the driveway and Nicky, the boy, is already crying and whining so I have to turn back up the drive and go home.

I have been making some headway while confined to the house.  I have painted my studio space and also given my desk a lovely coat of green with a top coat of dark wax to grub it up a bit. 

I have also managed to work on a rug or two and make a new pincushion with some of my Vintage button stash.


My Hubby is picking up some shelving for me today and hopefully I will be able to start the process of organizing my fabrics sometime this week…..time marches on….get it…March….I amuse myself….